Ciate Caviar Manicure Review

I feel like I’ve heard very mixed reviews on Ciate’s Caviar Manicure Nail polish kits.  Personally, I found this look to be quite fun although pricey for what it is.IMG_6007

The basic premise for this concept is to first apply a base coat and one coat of the base color on each nail.  My kit was the dark blue/black kit so my base color was a very dark black color called “Ghetto Fabulous.”  Next, apply a second coat of your base color one nail at a time.  While the nail polish is still wet pour the “caviar” beads on top and press them down so that they cover each nail evenly.  The kit comes with a plastic tray for you to pour over and a funnel for you to return unused beads for future use.  From reviews I’ve seen people suggest applying a top coat at the tips of your nails to prevent chipping but I decided to skip that step.  I knew that this manicure is not long lasting and felt that the top coat would probably not make much of a difference.  In addition, I was afraid the top coat nail polish might look strange on the beads and diminish the effect.

I think this look is great for a special night out.  I used mine for New Year’s Eve (I know, such a long time ago!).  I really enjoyed how cool my nails looked and I got lots of compliments too.  This design can be achieved very easily by anyone (no matter your skill level!).  The major down side would be the price ($25.00 for a bottle of base color nail polish, a bottle of “caviar” pearls, a plastic tray, and a mini funnel).  You can purchase your kit at Sephora.  Of course another drawback is that this design will not last long.  The kit says that this look “lasts up to 48 hours.”  For me beads started chipping off after a day but I felt like it still looked fine.  After the third day I removed all of my nail polish since I felt too many beads had fallen off and my nails looked messy.  It did not really bother me that this look only lasted a couple days as I don’t think I would want to have this on my nails for too long.  I found myself using my hands differently when I had this manicure in an effort to preserve it which is not something I’d want to do for very long!  I’ve purchased nail stickers before from Sephora that were much more comfortable and lasted for up to two weeks.  I feel like it would be cool if Ciate came up with nail stickers that had the same “Caviar” concept.  Perhaps the beads could be embedded more into the sticker if they came pre-glued and maybe the design would last longer.

Chic rating: ★ ★ ★ 1/2

What’s your opinion on Ciate’s Caviar nail kits?

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MAC Prep+Prime Lip Review

I had heard about eyeshadow primers a few years ago, but it was only recently that I found out about lip primers. I have only used MAC’s “Prep+Prime Lip” so I really do not know if this is the “best” lip primer out there. I never had a problem with this product which is why I also never tried out any of its competitors.

This item comes in a sleek black and sparkly container that I really like. One main issue I have with the packaging is that if you pull the cap off too vigorously, the entire stick of the product might come flying out (this has actually happened to me). This is why I strongly recommend you open this product slowly. This lip product is both moisturizing as well as a little bit tacky which helps to prep and prime your lips. I love this primer! It makes my lipstick last a very long time (even if I eat or drink food) and the colors come out more vibrant.

If you are a lipstick wearer, I highly recommend using a primer, and my personal favorite is Mac’s “Prep+Prime Lip.” When worn, I can definitely see a difference in the duration and color pigmentation of my lipsticks.

Chic rating:  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Do you recommend any other lip primers?

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Back Again

Hello again!

I took a break from posting for way too long!  I had a lot of things going on (as we all do) and had trouble finding the time to fit blogging into my schedule :(.

The truth is I’ve been writing all my life.  This year is the first time I have not been in school (I graduated last May) and the first time I have not been constantly writing academically.  I’ve really missed writing.  I’m going to try to post much more often to fill in that void.

Glad to be back!

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