Alternating Lines Design

I randomly came up with this idea last week and IMG_5846I really love it!  I’ve actually never seen this type of design before (which of course does not mean it doesn’t exist)!  In addition, this style is really simple and easy to accomplish and I feel that with only a little bit of practice, any one can produce this look!

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Bliss Fabulips Review

I am a big lipstick fan.  In fact, I prefer wearing lipsticks usually instead of lipgloss simply because I hate when my hair gets caught in my sticky lipgloss.  However, the key to making your lips look great – particularly with lipstick – is to have them be smooth and hydrated.  No matter how often I applied lip balm and even if my lips were not chapped, I could not get them to be as smooth as I wanted them to be.  Last winter I realized what I really needed was a lip scrub. Continue reading